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Arlene Dahl nude

December 4, 2011

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before they actually became famous ? I can think of three.

1) About 37 years ago, my ex-wife went to a local college bar to listen to a traveling guitar player and singer. Turned out to be John Denver before he hit the big time.

2) My mom used to dance in recitals as a tot with none other than Arlene Dahl.

3) My deceased father-in-law used to drive the moon shine routes of North Carolina with the Petty brothers.
Dragon – In my opinion, Frank Lloyd Wright was a brilliant architect, quite ahead of his time in abstract design. I toured one of the homes he built on the waterfront…I was in awe at what he accomplished. He is someone I would have loved to meet.
Gladys – Ed Gein (sp?) was a very scary, deranged guy. He lived in the state next to mine. Glad I never had the chance to meet him.
Rose – John Belushi was one funny guy. He was my favorite on SNL. Too bad he had to die so young.


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